War Cemetery - Longtong

The Cemetery is some of the Chinese Nationalist Forces of General Issimo Chiang Kai-shek's K.M.T. Govt. of south China. The forces were deployed in this front during 1942-45 to push the Japanese out of Hukawag valley and onwards, and to clear the area from their advancement across the Chindwin river and as well as the link road(blocked by Japanese) between Lasho(in Burma) and the Ledo Road (Later came to known as Stilwell road) to maintain supply line.The entire operation was under the direct command of General Joseph William Stilwell.

The Longtong(earlier known as 3 mile, Stilwell road) cemetery was of those Chinese soldiers grievously wounded during operation and badly diseased by Malaria, Dysentary, Typhoid etc. and hospitalised in the then Chinese Hospital at Margherita where they died and laid in the burrial ground there. The camps of chinese were located at Lekhapani and onwards with a transit camp and godown at Margherita. So, the Cemeteries were laid around their camps.