War Cemetery - Digboi

The Digboi Cemetery of World War-II is of the Europeans (mainly British) deployed in this Front for joint Operation with the Chinese and the Americans under General Stil Well. Some British Officers of OIL who might have died were also perhaps laid here, may be due to lack of adequate facilities to send the bodies back home. However, the bodies of the Americans and Negros were temporarily buried on a plot of high land retrieved in coffins and carried back to their homeland. But the bodies or the remains of the chinese were permanently laid here.

After the war was over the K.M.T. Govt. of SHIANG KAI used to send some grants once a year for the maintance of the Cementries. Grants were sent to the then Political Officer at Margherita in charge of the erstwhile Tirap Frontier Tract till the Communities of North China overthrew Kai Shek's KMT Govt.

Heros of World War-II who came to visit Margherita, Ledo and Lekhapani area from where they took part in the war. Alongwith them, the King of Singpho tribles is seen with his traditional dress.