Cultural Heritage


The "Shapawang Yawng Manau Poi"is most important folk dance festival of the Singphos. The Festival is celebrated on the 14th February every year. According to the Singphos, they are the descendents of SHAPAWNG YAWNG who was first born on this earth and called himself as Singpho. Tingli Yawang, son of Shapwng Yawng, in order to get blessings of his father Shapawng Yawng and the creator of the world "Mathum Matha" celebrated the first Manau poi as praising of Gods(Bhikan Gundan Poi). Later, the festival came to be known as "Shapawang Yawng Manau Poi" in the memory of their ancestor "Shapawng Tawng".

The festival is opened up by putting up SHADUNG which is regarded as the symbol of the Festival. During putting up of the SHADUNG GIDHING GUMDIN MANAU the dance of unity is performed to proclaim praise, unity and prosperity. At the end of the dance, PADENG MANAU the war winning dance, SHUT MANAU the celebration dance, KUMRAN MANAU, the farewel dance etc are performed.


TULUNI is the most important festival of the Sema Naga Tribals. Tuluni is celebrated on the 8th of July every year, when the paddy seeds develop inside the stem. It is observed for healthy growth of the crop. on the festival day, the engaged couples of the village along with their relatives are invited by their in-laws to be and offered sumptous meal. Animals are slaughtered by the in-laws to feed them, when the invitees return after a day of marry making and eating they do not leave empty handed as the in-laws would send a busket full of cooked food like rice and meat with them for the people back home.

SAGHI is also one of the famous festivals of the Sema Naga tribes, like the Tulani, Saghi signifies the abundant harvest of crops. it is celebrated in the month of August when the paddy seeds are ripe and farmers begin to reap the harvest. For SAGHI, preparation begins beforehand. The villagers would organise in groups and work in the fields to earn wages, so that they could celebrate the festival in a befitting manner. A community feast is also arranged on the occasion where animals are slaughtered for meat. After the feast is over people enjoy folk songs and dances.


Celebrated by the Mising Tribes during last part of February to welcome the rain God(Baruna) before going for cultivation. People sings, dances and makes merry with colourful dresses. Puras, Sai - a drink distilled through burnt rice bran and Apong - a country rice beer are the main attractions. Also people goes for community fishing & hunting in the begining.