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Resident Chief Executive
P. O. Duliajan
Assam - 786 602, INDIA
Phone : + 91 374 800525
Fax : + 91 374 800 433
Email : oilindia@oil.asm.nic.in

Oil India Limited (OIL) is a premier Indian National oil company under the administrative control of Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Govt. of India, engaged in the business of Exploration, Development and Production of Crude Oil and Natural Gas, Transportation of Crude oil and Production of LPG. The Company owns and operates a range of facilities and services required for the above business in the existing and new concessions in an environment-friendly and financially-efficient manner.
In 1953, the first oil discovery of independent India was made at Nahorkatiya near Digboi and then at Moran in 1956. The success at Nahorkatiya was the culmination of a long story of failure, frustration and despair in the oil exploration activities of Upper Assam. It was also the prelude to a string of oil exploration programmes elsewhere in the country.

Oil India Private Ltd. was incorporated on February, 18, 1959, for the purpose of development and production of the discovered prospects of Nahorkatiya and Moran and to increase the pace of exploration in the Northeast India. It was registered as a Rupee Company with two-third shares owned by AOC/BOC and one-third by the Government of India (GOI). By a subsequent agreement on 27th July, 1961, GOI and BOC transformed OIL to a Joint Venture Company (JVC) with equal partnership.
OIL remained a Joint Venture Company for over two decades. On 14th October, 1981 Oil India Limited (OIL) became a wholly owned Government of India enterprise by taking over BOC's 50% equity and the management of Digboi oilfields changed hands from the erstwhile AOC to OIL. During this span of time, a total of 1001 wells were drilled in the Digboi oilfield in an area of only 13 sq. kms. with peak production achievement of 900 Kilo Litres per day (KLPD).
Crossing of River through ferry Carrying Goods by elephant Digboi Well no.1 of Digboi Field

The Company presently produces around 3.30 MMTPA of crude oil (around 59,000 barrels per day), over 5 MMSCMD of Natural Gas and over 50,000 Tonnes of LPG annually. Most of this emanates from its traditionally rich oil and gas fields concentrated in the North-Eastern part of India. OIL's intensely rich oilfields in upper Assam include Naharkatia (since 1953), Moran (since 1956) and Jorajan (since 1967) which are under production till date. Some of its recent oilfields include those in Dikom, Kathaloni and Shalmari oilfields. The search for newer avenues has seen OIL spreading out its operations in the offshore of Orissa, desert of Rajasthan, plains of Utter Pradesh, riverbeds of Brahmaputra and Coastal of Saurasthra and Cauvery basin.

OIL Believes "superlative efforts precede superlative results". To serve that very purpose, OIL has set the highest challenges for itself to measure up to. Its Organisational agenda is to :
  • Accelerate exploratory efforts in order to increase hydrocarbon reserves.
  • Speedy development of discovered fields and increase recovery from depleting and developed fields,
    to augment crude oil and gas production.
  • Ensure adequate return on capital by capacity utilisation, cost effectiveness and optimum productivity.
  • Ensure proper development and effective utilisation of human resources.
  • Diversify into the field of oilfield services : indigenous and overseas.
  • Undertake overseas venture in exploration, development of oil and natural gas resources.
  • Promote oil related research and development activities.
  • Maintain a professional and efficient Corporate character.
  • Maintain and promote environmental - friendly measures.
  • Enhance safety measures in operations.

    With the liberalisation policy of the Government of India and keeping in view the dismantling of the Administered Pricing Mechanism, the Company decided to expand its business activities both within and outside the country and also into hydrocarbon related ventures like gas based power generation, etc.

    In the E&P sector, within the country, the Company has signed Production Sharing Contracts (PSC) with private companies like Essar Oil, Hindustan Oil Exploration Company (HOEC), General Fiber Dealer Ltd. (GFDL), Polish Oil and Gas Company (POGC), Geoenpro Petroleum Limited, Enpro India Limited, Geopetrol International Inc, Reliance Industries Limited, etc.
    Within the country, the Company besides bidding on its own has joined hands with ONGCL, GAIL and IOC in acquiring blocks for exploration offered under New Exploration Licensing Policy (NELP) of the Government of India.
    Outside the country, the company is actively looking for opportunities overseas and is examining few of the offers. The Company has joined hands with ONGC-Videsh and IOC to jointly bid for an Exploration Service Contract in Iran.
    Additionally, the Company has the requisite experience and expertise to provide oilfield services like drilling, cementing, oilfield management, 2-D land and 3-D seismic data acquisition and processing etc. and would welcome opportunities to provide these services.
    The Company is in the process of providing technical consultancy to a private party in bidding for and development of marginal oil field in Nigeria.
    Within the country, and specifically in the NORTH EAST, the Company would also welcome business opportunities in the gas based industries including power sector, trunk pipeline ventures, back-up facilities for lease of telecommunication bandwidths, etc.


    Resident Chief Executive
    P. O. Duliajan
    Assam - 786 602, INDIA
    Phone : + 91 374 800525
    Fax : + 91 374 800 433
    Email:- oilindia@oil.asm.nic.in
    Senior Advisor (Business Development)
    1, Community Center,
    New Friends Colony,
    New Delhi - 110 065, INDIA
    Phone : + 91 11 632 2635
    Fax : + 91 11 6839416
    Email :- oildb@ndf.vsnl.net.in

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